Bespoke 1-2-1 well-being coaching and mindfulness workshops for adults and young people – Delivered with integrity and fun

The aim at Mindandbodywellbeing is to help people feel positive, calm and relaxed.  To reach their dreams and full potential.  To manage their lives without feeling stressed and maintain a clear head, and enjoy the ride!


Change can be a scary thing, but can be a blessing if you are not feeling great. Do you want to feel better and change things in your life?

Feel stressed and don’t know how to manage it?

Feel life is a bit overwhelming at times?

Depressed or anxious?

Want to get rid of old habits?

Feeling stuck and don’t know what direction to take next?

All sound familiar?

Stress and anxiety that is not dealt with is very damaging to our emotional and physical well-being.

I offer 1-2-1 bespoke well-being coaching to help you to move forward in your life.

Learn to feel in control, confident, happy, peaceful and relaxed.

Coaching is different from counselling

Coaching is looking at what is stopping you from achieving your goals, moving you into the future at your own pace with encouragement, practical exercises and realistic goals. I offer you a FREE consultation before agreeing to any coaching. Whether you are an adult or a young person, coaching is a great way to step into a more positive happy confident you.

The passion is to help you to experience and create a positive mind-set, improved physical and emotional health and increase energy levels.  Go to the Coaching page for more information.

Mindfulness workshops

From my own practice of mindfulness, and independent research, mindfulness is a most effective technique in helping to create a happy positive mind-set, deal with life without feeling stressed, be able to manage challenging situations easier and experience a higher level of  emotional and physical well-being, increased energy levels, feeling more peaceful, generally happier and contented.  Sound good?  Go to the Mindfulness page for more information. 

Mindfulness is beneficial for all adults and children. For the latest reports on the success of mindfulness click on the following link


Young people – Offering workshops and 1-2-1 bespoke coaching specifically designed for young people and children

Often, young people and children struggle with their emotions, communication and stress.  This is an area I have worked in for many years and I have developed teaching in mindfulness, coaching and positive communication specifically designed for young people. 

Go to Young people page for more information.


Always remember, positivity, a clear mind and humour are the key to a happy, peaceful life!  “The only person who can create our happiness is ourselves.” Decide today to make a positive change with coaching and mindfulness.


Mindandbodywellbeing provides coaching and workshops in West Sussex. I am located in the Crawley and Horsham area.  The Therapy Centre, for 1-2-1 coaching is located at

4 Fountain Mews, High Street, Handcross, West Sussex.  Home visits, or meet at an area nearer to you are considered.TWCwellnesschampbadge