MINDFULNESS – what is that really all about?

Make a positive change today learning Mindfulness!

Learn Mindfulness practice in workshops, small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis within a coaching session.



Mindfulness is being spoken about everywhere, which is a great thing, but what is it really all about? People sitting in the corner chanting? Never losing your cool again? I think not!

Let me explain

MINDFULNESS small group

Being mindful in the traditional Buddhist culture is about clearing the mind of the chatter in our heads, stopping us over-thinking things, allowing our minds to be free of stress and anxiety through specific types of meditation practices and changed perspectives exercises.  These are easy to follow and with practice will help us be at peace within ourselves, help us to feel calm and relaxed and able to live in the present moment, deal with situations positively and stop us having too much concern about the past or the future.

We have to plan our lives to a certain extent in this modern world. Gone are the days of the cave man only having to deal with getting the daily food and shelter, which in itself might have caused him stress! Practising mindfulness allows us to live in the present with a mind that is quiet, allows space in our heads to relax, focus and deal with things as they present in our lives without worrying unnecessarily about “what if?” and “what might not be!”.

Give Mindfulness a try – what are the benefits to you?

Let’s take control of our minds as we do when exercising our bodies. I have been practising mindfulness for over 25 years and I have had the privilege of teaching this to many people, who have discovered the immense benefits. Mentally feeling peaceful, happier, calm, relaxed physically and mentally. Having a clear head and being in control of their minds. Physically feeling healthier with more energy and motivation.

I am not a Buddhist or linked to any religious culture, but have studied this practice and can tell you first-hand that it works!

So why come to me to learn it?

I have been practising mindfulness for a very long time and this is how I live my life, so I am practising what I preach! I am non-judgemental and have a good sense of fun and humour. I am an experienced, qualified teacher in mindfulness. I deliver my workshops with integrity and passion. There is a lot of information out there about mindfulness, some great and some not, so choose wisely. It is the teacher that makes the difference.

I offer mindfulness workshops for beginners and those who want to extend their practice

Mindfulness workshops are provided at Fountain Therapies, 4 Fountain Mews, Handcross, nr. Crawley, West Sussex, or at your location within Sussex and the Kent/Surrey borders. Bespoke mindfulness workshops can be provided for you and some friends in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. To register for a workshop or for any further questions, please contact me via the contact page.



SATURDAY 10TH MARCH 2018           10am – 4pm


Mindfulness is easy and fun and with practice has the following benefits: Reduces stress, Allows you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and allows your mind be more focused and positive. Want to know more? Come along to our Introduction to Mindfulness.

Credit, debit cards, paypal, cash or cheques accepted.

Go to contact page and email me to register for a workshop, or contact Fountain Therapies directly, details are on the contact page

Arrange a bespoke mindfulness small group or workshop (5 people minimum).  Personalised workshops for small groups for you and your friends to learn mindfulness in a personal comfortable setting in your area. Prices are discussed and planned with each group, plus travelling expenses depending on the location, operating throughout Sussex and Surrey, contact me to discuss further, or any other general questions


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