Young people and children can suffer from stress and anxiety, whether this is in their personal lives, at school, college or new to the workplace.                

1-2-1 coaching can help in reducing stress, raising confidence, learning to speak their feelings and thoughts in a positive way and become a confident young adult. 

Any trauma in early years can be alleviated and a positive mind-set can achieve a happier life for your child,  and can reduce stress and anxiety which, if not dealt with, can become a negative behaviour pattern in later life.  Learning personal confidence, positive thinking and healthy attachments in childhood will allow a child to reach their potential and personal achievements, and feel happier and more confident. 

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and can be very challenging at times, as we all know!  Getting help for your child on any area of concern is being a positive parent, helping your child to feel happy and confident allows them to reach their true potential.

Workshops and courses exclusively for young people – running throughout the year

Various locations and dates available throughout Sussex, please contact me directly for detailed information. Mindandbodywellbeing specialises in working with young people to help them grow in confidence.

A one day workshop for young people

Join a fun and interactive one-day workshop for young people, to reduce anxiety and stress and learn to cope with the pressures of the modern world.  Feel happier and more relaxed emotionally and physically.  Learn simple mindfulness techniques to relax, feel calm and increase your self-confidence. Recognise stress in the body and in the emotions and how to deal with them.  Learn to set goals at your own pace.  How to let go of negative feelings and raise your confidence. Fun ways to learn how to help manage  your school and personal pressures with ease.

£80.00 per person for the day, bring a packed lunch, refreshments and snacks provided.

Chill out with mindfulness – 6 week course


  • Mindfulness is easy and fun – live in the present moment
  • Be more chilled at school
  • Manage any feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Build up your self confidence
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Feel happy and relaxed                               

£15.00 per person per weekly session  –  (Six week course – payment in advance)

 Let’s talk about us! – 6 week course

  • Learn to express yourself with ease
  • Speak calmly, confidently and clearly
  • Body language and what it says
  • Positive outcomes to conflict and upsets
  • Letting go of other peoples’ “stuff”
  • Feel confident expressing your views and beliefs
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Know when to walk away

 £15.00 per person per session – (six week course – payment in advance)

Book early to avoid disappointment – courses for school age young people are run at weekends, during the school holidays or after school hours.

Coaching sessions can be arranged for any of the above workshop topics on a 1-2-1 basis

Please contact me directly to discuss via contact page, and to register for a workshop.

Coaching can be face-to-face, by telephone, skype, facetime, or email.  Coaching is at your own pace, you are totally in control.

Free consultation

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation for each individual to create the best personalised well-being coaching plan for you.  

How much will it cost?

The charge for coaching young people is at a special discounted rate of £40.00 per hour. If travelling to your location is required, there may be an additional cost.